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CARDIOvascular TransRadial Access Platform

True Radiation Protection - Quick Set Up - Left Arm Stabilization  

Elevated Right Arm Support - Disinfectant Proof

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Cardio-TRAP Cath Lab

Andrew Shealy, inventor and President of Trans-Radial Solutions, demonstrates the Cardio-TRAP.

Patents: US 10,548,795 Feb. 4, 2020

               CN 2,384,570 Feb. 15, 2017

               US 10,932,976 Mar. 2, 2021

               Can 2,912,174 Dec. 29, 2020

Diagnostic Cardiology

             Interventional Cardiology

                             Interventional Radiology

                                             Vascular Surgery


Rad-Guard in Cath Lab

Barney Wasson, CCRN, Cath Lab manager and medical device inventor, demonstrates Left Access set-up.

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US Patent # 9,795,346  Oct. 24,2017

 Cardiac Catheterization  

How does the Cardio-TRAP® fit in? 

NEW!  Rad-Guard Safe View

SHIELD Study in Cath Lab Digest 

Bottom line: "Use Lead Shields!"

"Lead equivalency" cautions in 2018 study: Should We Keep the Lead in the Aprons?  Tech Vasc Interventional Rad 21:2-6 C 2018 Elsevier Inc.

Cardio-TRAP®  in the August, 2017 issue of Cath Lab Digest:



A high volume transradial cath lab found the physician's head exposure reduced 64% by the Cardio-TRAP®.  Presented at ACC 2017 in Washington D.C.


A note about "studies":  Radiation reduction studies often use "phantoms" rather than actual cath lab procedures.  The results vary widely, depending on placement of the phantom and measuring devices.  When using lead-free products or claiming unrealistically high protection values, the results should be verified in "real world" Cath Lab procedures.  


Study confirms limited shielding value of disposable lead-free pads:

Update on scatter radiation in the Cath Lab:  

New shielding for X-Ray tables:

REM-GUARD®  Patent issued Jan. 8, 2019

         U.S. Patent # 10,172,576 B2

Bilateral Cardio-TRAP® System

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Trans-Radial Solutions LLC, Roebuck, SC


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