CARDIOvascular TransRadial Access Platform

True Radiation Protection - Quick Set Up - Left Arm Stabilization  

Elevated Right Arm Support - Disinfectant Proof

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Cardio-TRAP Cath Lab

Andrew Shealy, inventor and President of Trans-Radial Solutions, demonstrates the Cardio-TRAP.

Patents: US 10,548,795 Feb. 4, 2020

               CN 2,384,570 Feb. 15, 2017

               US 10,932,976 Mar. 2, 2021

               Can 2,912,174 Dec. 29, 2020

Diagnostic Cardiology

             Interventional Cardiology

                             Interventional Radiology

                                             Vascular Surgery


Barney Wasson, CCRN, Cath Lab manager and medical device inventor, demonstrates Left Access set-up.

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US Patent # 9,795,346  Oct. 24,2017

NEW!  Rad-Guard Safe View

 Cardiac Catheterization  

How does the Cardio-TRAP® fit in? 

SHIELD Study in Cath Lab Digest 

Bottom line: "Use Lead Shields!"

"Lead equivalency" cautions in 2018 study: Should We Keep the Lead in the Aprons?  Tech Vasc Interventional Rad 21:2-6 C 2018 Elsevier Inc.

Cardio-TRAP®  in the August, 2017 issue of Cath Lab Digest:



A high volume transradial cath lab found the physician's head exposure reduced 64% by the Cardio-TRAP®.  Presented at ACC 2017 in Washington D.C.


A note about "studies":  Radiation reduction studies often use "phantoms" rather than actual cath lab procedures.  The results vary widely, depending on placement of the phantom and measuring devices.  When using lead-free products or claiming unrealistically high protection values, the results should be verified in "real world" Cath Lab procedures.  


Study confirms limited shielding value of disposable lead-free pads:

Update on scatter radiation in the Cath Lab:  

New shielding for X-Ray tables:

REM-GUARD®  Patent issued Jan. 8, 2019

         U.S. Patent # 10,172,576 B2

Bilateral Cardio-TRAP® System

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