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Wall Hanger

Cardio-TRAP wall hanger

The Cardio-TRAP® Wall Hanger provides convenient storage of all components (except the Base Board) between procedures or for those components not being used in a specific procedure.

In the first orientation, the Right Radial Base hangs on the right of the Wall Hanger. Exchanging ends of the Wall Hanger allows the Right Radial Base to attach on the left of the Wall Hanger.

The Wall Hanger must be attached securely. Mounting holes are 16" O.C.  Four screws are supplied for attachment to wall studs through wall covering (e.g. sheetrock).

IMPORTANT: REMOVE all Cardio-TRAP® attachments (Right Radial Base, Shield, and Left Radial Base) prior to moving the patient to and from the procedural table.  The Base Board is intended to remain with the table (see instructions).

Proudly Made in the USA

Trans-Radial Solutions LLC, Roebuck, SC

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