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Femoral Access


Primary femoral access in the Cardio-TRAP® system uses the Shield without the

Right Radial Base (arm board):

Femoral Access Setup


Base Board

NOTE:  If more space is desired between the Shield and femoral access site, place the shield in the outer slots and/or position the patient slightly to the left to provide 3 to 5 inches between the shield and access site.

The standard Shield (radial version) provides comfortable wrist support and is usually welcomed as an ergonomic improvement.  


For physicians anticipating femoral access, and desiring a lowered shield, our Femoral Shield has 21 inches of the upper right edge lowered 2 1/2 inches.  


Click "Shields" for more details.

Femoral Upper Shield

Femoral Shield

IMPORTANT: REMOVE all Cardio-TRAP® attachments (Right Radial Base, Shield, and Left Radial Base) prior to moving the patient to and from the procedural table.  The Base Board is intended to remain with the table (see instructions).

Proudly Made in the USA

Trans-Radial Solutions LLC, Roebuck, SC

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