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1. User-friendly support for PCI, Vascular surgery, and Interventional Radiology.


2. Set up and take down in under 30 seconds, with minimal experience.  Non-sterile.

3. Large, convenient, elevated work surface for right radial access also keeps the staff farther

    from the radiation source.


An independent preliminary dosimeter study conducted in a high volume transradial cath lab showed the physician's head exposure was reduced an average of 64% when using the Cardio-TRAP.  Study results were presented at ACC 2017 in Washington D.C.


  • Located directly between scatter radiation source (patient heart) and the operators.  

  • Verified, real-world radiation protection for physician and scrub tech.

  • Comfortable femoral access arm support for the physician.

  • More effective and economical than disposable shielding.

  • Prevents femoral site contamination by patient groping.

  • Better staff protection allows more fluoroscopy time, lower dosimeter numbers, and    improved outcomes.

  • The only radiation absorber.  All other system components are radio-lucent.



           Standard - cut-out to accommodate wider mattress pads.       

           Full - for narrow mattress pad (20% more shielding added to the bottom of the shield).             Femoral - with upper cut-out for easier femoral access (20% less shielding at the top). 


5. Bilateral access system ("Vascular System") is available for radial, ulnar, brachial, and  

    femoral arteries and veins (special order).


6. Left Arm Board supports left arm for left vessel access or (placed beneath right arm) for

    support of right arm when a more lateral arm position is preferred.


7. The Left Radial Base provides a simple and safe way to secure the left arm during left radial       access, right room operation procedures.  It prevents loss of wire position caused by arm           slippage or patient withdrawal reflex.

8. Easy clean-up.  No uncleanable joints to hide pathogens and blood products.

9. Disinfectant-proof HDPE polymer, unlike susceptible epoxy boards.


10. Base Board stays with the table for quick changes between cases and quick set up for

      emergencies.  The BB adds width to the table, making the patients feel safer when moving  

      from the bed to the table.  It also improves accommodation for larger patients.


Questions? Contact:

Proudly Made in the USA

Trans-Radial Solutions LLC, Roebuck, SC

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