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 Cardio-TRAP® Radiation Shields

Cardiotrap shield radial base

 Std. Radial Shield 

Rt. Radial Base 

Our Shields have a 1mm lead core sealed in HDPE polymer and are 32" long, providing protection from scatter radiation at the level of the patient's torso and specifically shielding the surgeon's most-neglected arm and head regions. 

Shields are tilted inward 10 degrees to maximize radiation blockage and to facilitate both primary and "bail out" femoral access.

Only the Shield absorbs radiation, having 1mm lead in its core. All other Cardio-TRAP® components are fully radio-lucent, allowing a clear and normal fluoroscopy image.

Full Radial Shield - Many Cath table pads allow the lower right cut-out of the Standard Shield to be filled, providing approximately 20% more shielding area. Length and height are the same as in the standard Upper Shield.  

Full Shield and Radial Base

Rt. Radial Base 

Full Radial Shield

Femoral Shield

Std. Femoral Shield

Standard Femoral Shield - has a 2 1/2 " x 21" section removed, reducing shield surface by 19%, but allowing those physicians who prefer femoral, or must "bail out" to femoral, a more comfortable shield. However, many physicians are quite comfortable with the full Radial Shield for femoral access. 

We recommend stocking both shields for optimum flexibility and protection.


Full Femoral Shield - closes the mattress-accommodating gap, increasing shield area and protection by more than 20% over the regular femoral shield.

Full Femoral Shield

Rt. Radial Base 

Full Femoral Shield

IMPORTANT: REMOVE all Cardio-TRAP® attachments (Right Radial Base, Upper Shield, and Left Radial Base) prior to moving the patient to and from the procedural table.  The Base Board is intended to remain with the table (see instructions).

Proudly Made in the USA

Trans-Radial Solutions LLC, Roebuck, SC

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