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US Patent # 9,795,346  Oct. 24,2017

The ability to attach a high-grade radiation absorbing shield to an existing IV pole ensures that radiation safety and compliance can be achieved near any radiation source.

Patient side


Facing Patient



IV Pumps

Existing IV Pole

(IV Pole, stand, and pumps not included)

Safe View

Advantages & Features


  • Protects the nurse pushing drugs at the IV pole.

  • Eliminates physician distraction by providing peace of mind for those physicians        concerned for the nurses location during x-ray imaging.

  • Prevents any delays in procedures caused by the nurse needing to be at the IV pole during x-ray imaging.

  • During emergencies, such as a STEMI, standard mobile shielding is often in the way.  The Rad-Guard® mounted with the pumps on the IV pole ensures that a radiation barrier remains near the source of scatter radiation.

  • Attaches quickly to existing IV poles and was designed with easy pump accessibility in mind.

  • Plastic polymer shell can be wiped down with any disinfecting chemical.

  • Bracket offset of Standard Version allows the Rad-Guard® to be higher or lower in relation to any equipment already on the IV pole.  Just remove it from the pole, flip it over 180º, and reattach. 

  • Patient-viewing "Safe View" model has a 7" x 11" acrylic, 0.5 mm leaded window in top left- or right-hand corner. Specify right- or left-hand model when ordering.

Rad-Guard with pumps in Cath Lab
Rad-Guard in Cath Lab
Radguard Bracket

Mounting Bracket

Our proprietary mounting bracket provides ideal spacing for attaching

IV pumps and other medical equipment.

Developed by Cath Lab staff.

Applications in OR, X-ray, Radiology, and GI departments.

RG CV 4 S.jpg



Safe View

With 0.5 mm Pb Acrylic window 

RG CV 1 S.jpg


Core:              0.5 mm* x 23" x 31" pure lead 

Casing:          Thermoplastic

Dimensions:  1/4" x 24" x 32"

Weight:          14 pounds

Brackets:        Milled aluminum

SHIELD Study in the May 2018 Cath Lab Digest stresses the

   importance of shielding at IV poles and pumps.......

            The Rad-Guard® does exactly that!

The Rem-Guard® radiation shield          attaches to X-ray tables and also      provides 0.5 mm lead protection.  

* Nominal thickness.  Stock 1/64" lead sheeting varies from 0.4 to 0.5+ mm

Proudly Made in the USA

Trans-Radial Solutions LLC, Roebuck, SC

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