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Warnings and Precautions


DO NOT sit, stand or place heavy objects on Cardio-TRAP® components.  This product is designed for the weight of a patient’s arm and supplies for medical procedures only.  Cardio-TRAP® attachments will not support the entire weight of a patient.  Our warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse or abuse of our products.  We do offer repair service at a nominal cost plus shipping for any damaged TRS product.  Contact us for details.


REMOVE all Cardio-TRAP® attachments (Right Radial Base, Shield, and Left Radial Base) prior to moving the patient to and from the procedural table.  The Base Board is intended to remain with the table (see instructions).


DO NOT drop Cardio-TRAP® attachments.  Even though ruggedly constructed, attachments may be significantly damaged by dropping. Trans-Radial Solution warranty do not cover dropped TRS products.


The Cardio-TRAP® and Rad-GUARD products are not intended to replace your current radiation protection products. The scatter radiation function of the Cardio-TRAP® and Rad-GUARD is intended as additional protection to your usual radiation protection set-up (i.e. aprons and/or vests, etc.).




Following the procedure, wipe the Cardio-TRAP® and Rad-GUARD with a hospital approved antiseptic wipe or spray. Completely dry Cardio-TRAP® and Rad-GUARD and store upright or flat and away from extreme heat or cold.


 Trans-Radial Solutions strongly recommends that all hospital and department protocols and policies be followed.




Product improvement and customer service are our top priority.  Trans-Radial Solutions will repair any component of the Cardio-TRAP as long as the damaged component is returned to the factory for evaluation.  All repairs will be made usually within five working days, and normally includes the latest upgrade of the returned component.  Most repairs will be free of charge, but if Trans-Radial Solutions determines that a broken component is a result of anything other than normal use a nominal fee may be charged for the repair. 

Proudly Made in the USA

Trans-Radial Solutions LLC, Roebuck, SC

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