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A New Shielding Niche


When a nurse approaches an IV pole during fluoroscopy, she is exposed to a high dose of scatter radiation coming out of the patient.  The purpose of the Rad-Guard® is to protect the circulating staff from radiation during that time.  Before the Rad-Guard®, there were only roll-around barriers.  Roll-around barriers are both expensive and cumbersome, and are often placed farther from the scatter radiation source than the IV pole.  The Rad-guard® is the solution for radiation protection where traditional shielding and barriers are not practical. 


Pump Compatibility and Adaptability


Vertical spacing between the Rad-Guard® brackets allows ample room for pump attachment, and the bracket stand-off allows generous space for access to those pumps.  In addition, Rad-Guard® brackets are asymmetrically placed, so that the shield can be inverted to add or subtract 2 inches of height without relocating the pumps.  







Floor Space


Every square inch of floor space of any procedure room is very valuable. The ability to turn any existing IV pole into a radiation barrier frees up valuable floor space and eliminates unnecessary tripping hazards by replacing other wheeled barriers and shielding devices. 



Safety During Emergency Procedures


During an emergency, such as a STEMI procedure, the cath room often becomes crowded with fast-moving staff and time is at a premium. Roll-around barriers are often in the way or take time to properly place, and are simply ignored or pushed aside.  Since the IV pole, which carries the critical IV pumps, must be moved to the patient's side, an attached Rad-Guard® must automatically go with it and will thus provide radiation protection where and when it is most likely to be neglected.  In addition, during an emergency procedure, the physician is less likely to delay fluoroscopy while the circulating staff attends to the IV pumps. 


Peace of Mind


Many physicians have shown interest in the Rad-Guard®, desiring to protect staff from unnecessary exposure.  The Rad-Guard® is the solution for those physicians who worry about the scatter radiation doses they are exposing the nursing staff to when they order drugs during the procedure.  Eliminating or reducing that concern can help to improve the overall outcome of the procedure by giving more focused attention to the patient/procedure and less attention to the location of the circulating staff.  



Fetal Protection

The earliest stages of fetal development are the most susceptible to genetic damage from ionizing radiation.  The Rad-Guard® blocks more than 95% of incident scatter radiation from X-ray procedures when used properly.

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Proudly Made in the USA

Trans-Radial Solutions LLC, Roebuck, SC

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