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Horizontal table orientation

Rem-Guard Shimadzu Table
Rem-Guard Details

Quick and secure integral latch assures stability and safety at all table orientations.

Rem-Guard hand latch
Rem-Guard early model

Vertical table orientation

with early prototype.

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X-Ray table?

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The REM-GUARD® is a table side shield  weighing 10.5 pounds and providing 0.5mm true lead protection. The shielding is 12"x18" transparent leaded acrylic framed in HDPE. The REM-GUARD® is a two-piece system consisting of a shield attached to a mounting bracket.  An integral spring-loaded latch safely holds the shield assembly in place during vertical table use and allows easy removal when the shield needs to be separated from the handle's bracket assembly.  A REM-GUARD® can be made for any table having a factory component, such as a handle assembly, for attachment of the mounting bracket.  


Pictured is the "Front Shield" (part# SM-4072) for the Shimadzu Sonialvision table.  A "Head Shield" (part# SM-4073) is also available. Shimadzu began providing the REM-GUARD® as standard equipment with their Sonialvision table in March of 2017.


REM-GUARD®  Patent issued Jan. 8, 2019.

         U.S. Patent # 10,172,576 B2

Nurse with Rem-Guard
Rem-Guard vertical Shimadzu table

Vertical table orientation

with current version.

G4 table in vertical position

with early prototype.

Proudly Made in the USA

Plasticraftsmen LLC, Roebuck, SC

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